Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ThE tErRIbLe TwOs

heres arden at famous daves, we had to tell her the pig was gunna come to our table if she didnt sit down and eat
heres a classic example of a tantrum..
blue ice cream,root beer popcicles, tantrums, the backyardagains surfer dude toy, m&ms, tantrums again, a new blow up "fwimming" pool and stripping naked on the front porch, waking up at 7am, my little ponies on repeat,spilling rice crispies everywhere, riding the dog, screaming at the top of your lungs...scratching and pulling hair,begging to wear my lingeree to the store because they are your fairy dresses,pouring pee pee on the bathroom floor and insisting on wiping it up,changing your clothes four times daily because of stains,throwing your doll out the car window then screaming bloddy murder,digging into potted plants and throwing the dirt on the floor,standing up in the cart at the store,climbing out and falling,calling people in my phone to breathe in it,peeing the bed, putting on my makeup,wiping with an entire roll of toilet paper, being my human blanket at night "snuggle me" the pickyness,the tears,and the giggles... all this and i'd have you ten more times if i had too. arden i love you and i love your terrible twos. but dear lord please make em go by fast...im losing my sanity:)
today i went with a friend (whos due for baby #2 any day now) to babys r us and found myself wanting to buy all the cute stuff and set up the crib, i swear the cutest baby even looked up at me with sparkley eyes and said "hi"...then i looked at arden, hanging out of the cart screaming bloddy murder for no reason, dirty face and all (precious dirty face that is)and thought: oh hell no not yet. and thats the truth.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I tHInK iM iN lOVe

yes im in love, with these dishes:) perfect for a fairy party with little cakes and tea! my dishes all ran away with the spoon, so i got these for mothers day(thanks beauie) every girldeserves a set of pink and green dishes, its only fair right? now all i need is a pink cake plate to match! just thinking about it makes me giddy.

and lets not forget the tree that lives next door! each morning i open my bathroom window to peer out and get a glance at this little beauty. pink and green, what perfect colors.if i were a little girl i'd have a picnic under this tree.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

tattoos and bumblebees

sereously, zoom in on my arm in the picture above.. if you can. and when you do what will you see? a freekin homemade tattoo given to me by a third grader packin a "gel pen" like a freekin gun. heres how it all went down. were preparing to start art class when racheal, goes "miss emily can i give you a fake tattoo?" and im like "sure...how about mom in a heart on my arm"(thinking soft felt/crayola) so yeah....she procedes to slice into my arm...and im going ouch this kinda hurts..."be softer" and then when shes done and she trots away looking for another victim. im not jokeing when i say i have a scar. I HAVE A DAMN TATTOO ON MY ARM....THAT SAYS MOM FOR CRYING OUTLOUD! and its not going away. im freeking out man. i got freeking inked by an eight year old..it wouldnt be so bad, but lets say this perticular child does'nt have the best handwriting per say. so yeah...just another weird thing to add to the crazyness that is emily.
what else happened this week? oh....yeah...wienersnitzle is didgusting and i swear its given me the swine flu...i wanna ralf thinking about it...eew! um...we went to the bees game and loved it. sat infront of a bunch of drunks...who were hillarious man. downed some nachoes..and cheered on the team. arden is obsessed with the bee/scared of him? i dono...who knows! i'd be scared of a dude in a bee costume too.
thats about it for today...just pray that this freeking thing fades...i godda go smear on some neosporin:)