Tuesday, December 16, 2008


something we do, we talk about our future kids names. i think most people do right? yeah im not going to say any tho because of name stealers, but i will tell you something funny. tonight beaus sitting there watching scarred. you know that crazy show that plays all the nutso skateboarders gettin hurt jumping off rales and stuff (yeah we love this show) and beau goes "what do you think of the name chester for a boy?" and im like ..................................pause.......pause.........................think..........think...........think....................and then im like "are you FREEKING kiddin me babe?" and hes all "why???" and im like..........."um chester the molester" and then were both dying of laughter. its been a strange few weeks thats for sure!!! we finally got a few gifts bought for the people who matter most! moms and dads grannies and grandpas. but so far we havent bought much else. we are so blessed! we dont need a thing! sereously, we have enough crap as it is right?? arden got spoiled on her birthday, and has way more then most kids, so were being chill this year. yes dont creme your jeans santa is comming for arden, but were not going nuts on shopping the way we have in the past. this has been such a good month for us because were not worried about things that dont matter, like stuff!! its like "oh lets get summore stuff to fill our house, we need more stuff to waist our money on" sereously my heros are the couple who lived off of 30 dollars each for a month. YOU ARE AMAZING!! if the world had more people like you it would be a better place.
K so arden just got over the worst and weirdest sickness yet! have you herd of the roatavirus? its freeking disgusting. last week we were home every single day holding a bowl for her to puke in. or changing 18 butt urine diapers a day! it felt like we had a new born again because we changed diapers all through the night for days. she refused to eat, so we forced pedia light down her throat with a syringe. that and pedialight popcicles homemade with an ice tray and straws. thank you pedialight!! if it werent for this godsend, she would have been in the hospital with an IV. on the eighth day of the sickness i changed her diaper and found a teeny tiney little log! halayleuya! i started jumping up and down screaming " yeay baby you pooped a log yeay arde!!" and she goes "a frog?ribit ribit" so cute. i'd forgotten all about the frog thing when i went to change her again and i find another quote, "good poop" (only moms will understand this) and i yell "beau she did another log" thats when my little brown eyed sweetie pie looks up and says "yeay ribit!" what an angel. all along thinking i found frogs in her diaper. love it love it. im just glad i have my baby back. tonight shes unwraped the grandparents christmas presents and is currently begging for pizza because she snubbed her dinner. its pizza or "APPLE PIE!" she begs for. weird, she has never had apple pie. ok im done, goodnight moon, brushems teeth, an nurney are calling. good night.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

my man

why not make my own shrine ???

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Where did you meet? Beau and i met in idaho new years eve 99 for the first time. the second was 2002 and in provo utah! he looked older and hotter then ever! finally we met again in california!! i know right? we were so ment to be:)
How long did you date before you got married? we met in october then married in july. so ten long months of just wanting eachother forever
How long have you been married? five years this july!! feels like forever.
What does he do to surprise you? he sends flowers. like on our first date anniversary, or the "happy summer" boquet. that was super cute. he likes to buy me lingeree, we are big on that.
What is your favorite feature of his? do i have to just pick one??? beau has amazing teeth, his bicuspids are so sexie, almost vampire. then theres the little freckle on his bottom lip its perfect!! all in all amazing mouth. perfect for kissin!
What is your favorite quality of his? he has soooooooooo much motivation! when he says hes going to do something he does it. hes got amazing work ethic, and is a great provider.
Does he have a nickname for you? yup, he calls me Emfuss and i call him beauies in space. or sometimes beau the rose.
What is his favorite color? um im gunna say poop brown because thats funny. he looks good in brown
What is his favorite food? hands down cafe rio pork barbicoa boritto. hes into spicy foods and puts hot sauce on everything including pizza!! its weird and cute.
Whats his favorite sport? he likes watching football but rarely does.
When and where was your first kiss? our first kiss was smokin hot!! we were in this perfect little cove standing in the sand in laguna beach. he ask first and that was sweet.
Whats your faorite thing to do as a couple? we like to go to the beach together. the ocean is our favorite place on earth!
Do you have any kids? yes, we have a little sweety pie called arden betty. she looks just like daddy. were planning number two at the moment.
Does he have any hidden talents? yesssss......but im not gunna say because thats naughty.
How old is he? 27 and cute as a button.
Who said I love you first? I proudly did. it was on his voicemail, and i was driving to see him from california. i was like "i miss you, i love you!!" it was so innocent and cute.
What is his favorite type of music. well in the words of elton john, i married a music man! he plays his own and its amazing. he likes hard core punk music, emo, and acoustic stuff.
What do you admire most about him? his ambition in life. its unreal!
Do you think he will read this? yep he'll read it, not tell me, and then he will quote me! hes silly like that.
I now tag: Jessica potter, Ellen quist rowley, elle stallings, and sars bagley!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

abee stinkin bums turns two!

Dats sum good tate mamma!$
And the party starts!!

And this one!!!

I love this one

Arden and Roman

Tada!! birthday ariel arrives!!

Thas it arden wrip it open!

My little arden betty turned two years old this weekend! what an event!! i sereously cant beleve my baby is two?!! its insane. Arden fell in love with ariel from little mermaid, so this was our theme. i decided on a two teared cake with ariel adorning the top! IT WAS FUN TO MAKE AND A LITTLE BIT CHEEZY. all week she threw tantrums for "ael tate" (ariel cake) and finally she hd her ariel! we got her birthday ariel and so far shes carried her everywhere with her. she wont let her out of her sight!! the best part of the night was roman and arden eating the cake shirtless. they are so betrothed to eachother:) cutest thing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARDEN!!