Monday, January 26, 2009

som crazy emily journal art for your viewing pleasure.

heres a good its weird. thats the point!!! being cut open is weird guys. i painted this little sweet thing on the day i found out about c cections. my friend carly best explaned them to me by having me lie on the floor. then she shook my little pregnant body. it was say. thanks carly. ( jess if your reading this, its for you)
take me to jail deush bag......yeah i have a problem with swearing lets be honest with ourselves ok. thie piece was made for damon my brother inlaw when he went to jail. its his shoes....yup, i went once.....but thats a funny storie that i'll tell later. "what i need is a good defense cuz im feelin like a criminal" -go fiona apple.

vanity...ive always worried im consumed with things that dont matter like clothing lables and makeup...and STUPID CRAP THAT I DONT NEED. this was my little declaration to the world saying "im not going to buy into it" sadly, as women there is so much pressure to be "pretty" sereously f pretty. im gunna go roll in some mud.

so this ones about the day i threw taco soup all over our kitchen floor, it was a sunday.....a bad one....and i had no words to tell beau how mad i was at i threw a hot pot of soup on the floor. it felt good. sometimes in order to release you just godda throw something. funny thing is today i have no idea what the fight was about.

this is the day i spent 8 hours in a salon to go was bad....i'd ruined my long dark a be a "barby" the next week i got fired from my job....i think its cuz i didnt look italian anymore. i looked like cat pee girl.......and i felt like cat pee girl.

Friday, January 16, 2009

lets be blunt

so................i freeked out and got blunt bangs last night. its something ive wanted for a while but wimped out on when i got to the salon. ive tried them before and damn, no one could get it right! so i did it myself when i was blonde and it was....fugly. forgive me for my potty mouth, but thats the perfect word for how my hair looked. i have the tendancy to mame myself. i just cant sit still when it comes to my hair. oh and i dont have a "hair girl" as you utah chicks call it. no, i go allover. the iranien woman who cut my hair two summers ago tried the "blunt" bangs on me and cut them thee exact opposite way of what i asked for. she just did her i painted a picture for that experience....its called Black magic haircuts suck and they dont work(its the one up top) so guys....heres one small art piece. oh, and the one im standing behind in the picture is mine too...its called Drounding past regrets in tea and cigarettes. (dont ask)

today my hair looks like a football helmet, but im happy. i cant beleve the girl heather..... hayley...... whatever got it right!!! yeay for me...i have blunt bangs and now im cleopatra.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the arcimboldo effect

Wow its been a while, i have not blogged in a bit. much of my time has been given to my art. i just painted a new piece and i think im headed into a new era in my art. my style has know how picasso had the blue era?? yeah im sure im into something new myself. maby its a little bit happier? but dont worry, its still weird. im debateing weather or not to post any art on here or to wait for my art blog. this blog just sometimes feels like the day in day out mundanenes of life, and i hate that. ive been writing every day, and recording all my dreams. last night edward from twilight was biting me and turning me into a vampire. the night before, beau was gay and i could fly? i know right. dreams are amazing. i love looking them up in my trashy little paper back dream dictionary. the writers of this book are so full of shit, but i love it. if i think hard enough tho i can figure out my own dreams. once i piece together pieces of my day and dig into my true feelings, i will know exactley whats going on. the trouble with me and dreams is i always have a conscience even in my sleep. well, except......i smoke in most of my dreams. dream emily loves a good ciggarette. I HAVE NEVER SMOKED ANYTHING. i cant even spell cigarette right. but for some reason its what i do at night, and damn can i tell you smoking feels good:) and its addicting.

ok, enough the real world i started teaching an art class. monday was my first day and i wass recieved well. two days a week i will teach kids to release there emotions through art. i loved every second of this class. art is my calling in life! it made me sad when they ask me if they could draw this or that. i stopped all of them and said listen up you guys "IN ART THERE ARE NO RULES" they loved this. for my first lesson i talked about GIUSEPPE ARCIMBOLDO. hes that amazing french artist who painted pictures using fruit and flowers....stuff like that. follow? i'll poast some pictures. so i had a platter of fruit for the kids to look at. some kids made junk food faces others stuck with the fuit. i drew a hamburger face, and the kids loved it.all in all it was so fun!! in the end i had each child describe what they did and why ( a mini critique if you will)and i had them applaud for eachother.and i let them eat all the fruit!! for my next class i think we will get messy. im not sure how, but i've got endless ideas and i cant wait to unleash them on the kids. i told beau im gunna be like crazy miss lippe from billy madison. you know the lady who smeares the glue all over her face and has special time? yeah thats me. crazy.