Friday, September 17, 2010

i love these shoes
the mr. bought me a pair for my birthday
Toms loves my fat pregnant feet
i want every color of the rainbow
speaking of rainbows...
have you seen the Demetri martin bit where hes like
"how can one group claim refracted light...its pretty greedy gays"
i love that also
so 27 years old and last night i cried about it on my couch
my husband watched his "9 year old wife"-sereously i am
a kid in the vans store called me "maam"
and i wanted to punch him in the throat
just a little bit :)
on a happy note...we ate mexican food and it was good
today miss baby went for a play date
i forever 21-ed it a little bit and sat in barnes and noble with
a LARGE starbucks rasberry vanilla italian soda.
it wass nice/soothing/theraputic
read birthing from within-very good book
i would like to end this rant with a bit from "hide your wife"
my u-tube fave at the moment (thank you carly)
''he's climbin in yo window snatchin yo people up hide yo kids hide yo wife"
go watch it this second.
it was the background song of all my dreams last night

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

and one day passes....
im now on baby watch, my due date came and went yesterday...and im still alive...
beau calls me all day from work "are you in labor"
hmmmmm...just peed my pants a little, always contracting, but not much else..the nights are long. i wake up and i eat pie... i love pumpkin pie right now...and it loves me back.
every night i go to bed thinking "is tonight it?" and i pray...please make everything go well.
Cought a cold so thats nice...i'll be the nasty woman on you tube naked and screaming in a birthing tub (with snot running down my nose) my friend elle brought me a bunch of homeopathic medicine to mix up in tea. i carry a cup of rasberry tea with me all over the house, and eat chewy vitamin -c like candy.
set up the crib, even tho i know we will barely use it. arden gets in it, i want to get in it looks so comfy amazing inside. beau painted our old rocker a pretty tothpaist blue and my friend sewed a red cushon for it...gearing up for marathons of NURSING. what else?? My red suitcase is packed...kindove...what do i pack? i always pack stupid crap. maby i'll just throw in a box of twinkies, a bikinii top, and a hypnobabies cd. cant go wrong with that right?
have a bang trim scheduled for tomorrow, and a babysitter (love ya anna) set for thursday night (the day i damn turn 27....SICK) so doubt im going anywhere.
we will just have to wait and see.  for now...PRAY I DONT POOP IN THE TUB, I CANT HANDLE THAT...

Friday, September 10, 2010

miss baby started ballet this week

             anit was precious.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am due in five days. i can feel a change in him inside me. his movements have grown, and my pressure waves are stronger then ever. my nesting instinct kicked in and im feeling ready. saturday i washed all his clothes and set up his new little basanet. i remember the day i washed all of ardens clothes before she was born..holding up little onzies, smelling them and imagining the little one who would soon fit inside them. beau painted our rocker a pretty toothpaist blue and my friend is sewing a red cushon to will be amazing. i have not set up  a crib yet...because im a big co-sleeper/night nursing kind of mommie. its been an adventure. i have had an amazing pregnancy,and i feel very blessed. i feel good, huge, but good. every night i waddle to the fridge and guzzle milk. for some reason....milk has been so delicious to me during this pregnancy. hopefully baby boy will drink milk after hes done nursing (arden refuses milk...she was too used to my breastmilk) funny thing is that in the wee morning hours i pee a million times, and just this morning i realized i look like E.T. walking to the bathroom breathing loud, wearing beaus underwear (nice hu) i was on the pot laughing at the sad sight of myself :) five am

      Hypnobabies has been my solace all of these months. arden and i take hypnobabies naps each day, and they are amazing. they clear all of my fears of childbirth. i have moments of insanity when i say to myself "no drugs em?....sereously??"and then i listen to my cds...and I REMEMBER WHY I AM DOING THIS. after im done i feel at peace, and i feel reassured that my birth plan is the right one for me. i know it s gunna hurt like hell, but i feel comfort in knowing my baby will have a peacefull spiritual birth.
   I think we know his name....but nothing is for sure. i need to see his little face and hold him in my arms first. then, we will know...sorry i wont say yet!
    Today i feel good. i feel ready. i woke up and took a long bath and did my hypnobabies surrounded in bubbles and a beautifull baby bellie :) arden slept longer today because of the track playing in the bathroom beside her room. i think i might go buy a sling...or look at fabric to make my own. for sure just spend so much time with my little girl before crazy newborn life sets in! she starts ballet tonight, so that will be something fun for to do. beau and i took her to park city last night and bought her more clothes then we ever had. she deserves it. right now, big changes are comming in her little world. she is watching hello kitty in her new zebra jammies, and my heart is a little bit sad..because i know that this is an end of an era in our life. me and my bestfriends used to quote Hope floats and say "beginnings are scary, endings are sad, but its whats in the middle that counts"-today this gives me much comfort.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mommy  days
my three year old sucked my hair up in the vacum today
pretty much explains the story behind this picture i just finished.
i used watercolors and a little glue to make her
-we were at the car wash...and me in all my nine months pregnant glory is attempting to
clean the cheerio mess car up  (before baby comes)
im hot and sweaty, and arden sucked my hair up with the big power vacum.
it was...pretty "awesome"
the one good thing i will say about the carwash, is that arden and i love it
we listen to clap your hands say yeah
every time,and pretend monsters are getting us.
she really brings out the three year old in me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

ArdEn BeTtY

riding "lu-lee" her bff
in the 50 cent garage sale boots