Monday, June 22, 2009


This is our book. arden and mine that is....PINKALICIOUS. we read it, then re read it....because its amazing AND THE LITTLE GIRL TURNS PINK!!pink pink pink! what more could you ask for? im so throwing a pinkalicious party for arden:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

my garbedge disposals broken. i dont care if it gets fixed. maby part of me enjoys pouring leftover spaghetti in the toilet. so what?

olive, oh my olive

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Childhood calling......

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

im in a hair cut or not to cut!

it would take some time, but im willing to grow them....
love and miss these
not my fav picture, but it showcases the sweeping bangs well.
So the title sums it stuck. i love my blunt bangs...but sometimes i feel like i only have part of my i have no eyebrows or forehead. im sereous when i say its a BIG decision for me because i have messed up my hair on spur of the moment haircuts that werent thought through. and im not going to do it without being sure that im done with these bangs. im thinking if cutting them choppy and sweeping them to the side.... or growing them out.but im not so sure.
so! here are some pictures of me with blunt and with side me out guys. i need some advice:)it

Friday, June 5, 2009

blogging is stupid and catfights are funny. horror movies are bad. that sums it up

sometimes i have a hard time with blogging....its not a journal to does an artist express themself on a key board? give me ink....give me a paintbrush or a crayola crayon! i see pretty blogs and think...yes, very cute...but what can you do with a pen and a slice of paper? shit thought so. i miss days when things were not so advanced? yeah, like the days before 5th graders had cell phones. and instead of google you had to look in the phone book to find the last name of the kid your crushing on. like on juno! notice they used pay phones in the hallways at school? thats because the director felt he wanted it the way it was before texting and the way face book has ruined my high school reunion. i know whos still slutty, whos not fat anymore,and how many kids the girl who stole my boyfriend in tenth grade has.barf, sereously...i miss the way things were.
ON THE FLIP SIDE!! i saw a cat fight in the pocatello wal mart two days ago! oh!! and one of the "ladies" was pregnant. that made my day for sure:)as soon as i heard "cat fight" i RAN with my cart to see the action. im sick i know i know! whatever, you'd watch too. um what else? oh i saw the movie A Haunting in Connecicut. and now i cant sleep at night anymore. what the eff was i thinking? im terrified....i woke up at three am in my old room at my moms house screaming bloddy murder. (ive been doing weird crap in my sleep these days....again) and almost ended up smashed between my mom and dad in their bed because im an effin wimp and a fradey cat (as my sister used to call me) so, just say no to horror. im done, i need ice cream like nobodys freekin business.

a picture with a history