Wednesday, July 28, 2010

forever-21 has maternity now...
what else can i say?
i spent $ 50.00
on motherhood maternity jeans
and then found these babies (see picture above) for
a woppin $13.80
holy crap!
this is enough to make me have
ten babies
did i tell you i made the skanky girls working
take this pair off a maniquin...
(yeah i do that sometimes)
pissed her off,
she had to stop blowing bubbles and talking
to the gay guy
and help the pregnant boring person :)

im excited to be not pregnant
and a little sad
because truthfully this may be my last go

i will now tell you a few things i will miss about
being a beast

1. cleaning cds with my bellie
2.setting a cerial bowl on my bellie and eating like a wild animal on the coutch
(making weird breathing noises) weird bellie-button
4. beau rubbing my bellie, arden kisses
5.eating what i crave, getting my food way always

i will not miss....
1.feeling like a lame knocked up utard
2.looking like a fat a
3.yelling at people at the maternity stores
4. sleeping all crazy at night, because i think
im smashing his head all the time
5.grunting thys...

i would write more...
ardens eating popcorn with katchup and i need to get in on this before its all gone
word to yo mutha

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

spent aweek

at the beach
pix comming soon....

Monday, July 12, 2010

no jelly beans for emily
went into the ob office to
take my glucose tolerance test
(the test for gestational diabetes)
zzzzzzzzzzz......i know....
 my dr. said i could eat a snicker bar
(instead of the disgusting orange sugar crap) when i told her i didnt want the test
so i arrive at the lab, candy in hand....and the lab teck
says "no way lady"
and something to the tune of "WE DONT DO THAT"
so he tells me i can do special jelly beans instead
and im thinking...ok ok a handfull of lime jelly beans...
i can handle that, my baby can handle that.
boy was i freakin wrong
the nurse...lets call her big wilma, she takes me
into the hallway like a naughty school child
and informs me that i have to
eat an entire bag of jellybeans
and she has to watch me eat them
i gave big wilma a piece of my mind
after that i went and bought a stretchy skirt and called
my mother
and she informed me that she nor any woman in my family has had this

when i go to the hospital
im like jessy james
im billythefreekin kid
im the antichrist
i question everything
its my body
its my baby
your not getting me the second time around
this time im in control

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

this picture remindes me of someone i know....
someone little and cute and crazy on a tricycle
not saying any names or just does.....