Monday, January 26, 2009

som crazy emily journal art for your viewing pleasure.

heres a good its weird. thats the point!!! being cut open is weird guys. i painted this little sweet thing on the day i found out about c cections. my friend carly best explaned them to me by having me lie on the floor. then she shook my little pregnant body. it was say. thanks carly. ( jess if your reading this, its for you)
take me to jail deush bag......yeah i have a problem with swearing lets be honest with ourselves ok. thie piece was made for damon my brother inlaw when he went to jail. its his shoes....yup, i went once.....but thats a funny storie that i'll tell later. "what i need is a good defense cuz im feelin like a criminal" -go fiona apple.

vanity...ive always worried im consumed with things that dont matter like clothing lables and makeup...and STUPID CRAP THAT I DONT NEED. this was my little declaration to the world saying "im not going to buy into it" sadly, as women there is so much pressure to be "pretty" sereously f pretty. im gunna go roll in some mud.

so this ones about the day i threw taco soup all over our kitchen floor, it was a sunday.....a bad one....and i had no words to tell beau how mad i was at i threw a hot pot of soup on the floor. it felt good. sometimes in order to release you just godda throw something. funny thing is today i have no idea what the fight was about.

this is the day i spent 8 hours in a salon to go was bad....i'd ruined my long dark a be a "barby" the next week i got fired from my job....i think its cuz i didnt look italian anymore. i looked like cat pee girl.......and i felt like cat pee girl.


Sarah said...

i love you emily...

(that's all i was gonna say, but it kinda sounds creepy if i just leave it at that.) love your art too! i'm excited to see you on thurs. i hope i'm feeling well enough to come!

samnhal said...

Emily you are amazing. I love that you can write and draw like that in your journal. It inspires me!

Kristin said...

Loveit! There is nothing like a trip to your expressive world! I love that you threw a pot of soup on the floor....awesome and I hope I NEVER have a c section!

p.s. I definitely don't fake bake. I am as white as can be, so that just must have been a good color day for me or something!

Jessica Potter said...

Emily. I love you. I wish I was gifted enough to express my feelings through art. But instead I will let you. you do a mighty fine job. Thanks for dedicating the freaky deaky one to me. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I have so many questions/comments: 1) where are you teaching art? 2) how can i sign up Holden? LOL. He eats crayons. Maybe next year. 3) I'm figuring out this whole world of the S.A.H.M can I tag along with one of your adventures? We must get out every day or we go loony and it looks like you're a pro. 4) Arden is the cutest in nursery. She kept going into the closet with Holden and then shutting the door. Yea she's making her moves on him. . . .jk


Clint and Elle Stallings said...

That was awesome, your awesome. Thanks for the funny day, glad to got to share it with you.

Heather Perry said...

You are really good at expressing yourself through your art work.

I didn't know you had a c section. Not fun!

Wesley Warren said...

OK, first the obligatory "OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG!" That actually sounded too snarky - I really do dig how candid and unafraid your style is. Very cool.
Oh, and hello?! if I knew Beau was such a bitchin' motorcycle riding, music playing/loving, wife wooing, tattoo sporting dude, I probably would have developed a totally harmless man crush on him a lot earlier.
So, speaking of Beau, I need to get a hold of him because I believe he wanted to play some church ball tonight, but I told him the wrong location. Would you be a doll and email me his phone #? My email address is wesley.warren[at]gmail[dot]com (replace the "at" and "dot" with the actual symbols.)

Thanks Emily!

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