Tuesday, July 28, 2009

one little week...

my pretty brown beach dress and my favorite store

plane rides scare me especially when your sick in the bathroom and theres turbulance

no beach town better then laguna

beau the rose

our bycicles in newport beach

i miss the pink basket

paradice cove

loved this weird little shop

For me there is no place i'd rather be then the ocean. i am a mermaid ....BUT SHHHH...dont tell anyone. i dont want beau and i to end up in a tank like tom hanks and daryl hanna on splash. we went for a week, and just did whatever we wanted. midnight donut shops....absolutely. thats one of my favorite things about california, the weird donut shops open at all hours. we took naps on the beach...and just relaxed. ate delicious food at strange local places and slept in. wanna watch the river wild in bed till 11am? no problem, we are on vacation....might as well. drove down pch and just took it all in....sereously people who live near the coast take it for granted! we were at a diffrent beach every single day. we got beach crusers and rode down the board walk, went to malibu and ate over priced burgers and frys with our feet dipped in the sand and our hands on the tabletop. (love paradice cove) walked down the busy streets of the santa monica promenade with sand in my hair and looked for worthless celebrities to gawk at. wandered through strange beach shops and smelled all the little soaps. lived in my swiming suit all week long. and just enjoyed being with my honey and having time away to do nothing. i missed arden betty every second i was there, but i tried ro relax knowing she was safe with grandma. the best part of comming home was having her look up to the doorway when we arrived, and run to me with tears in her eyes. i was glad she missed us. now were back in our own little house, with our little barky dogs, sleeping in our own little bed, and i godda say, i missed this place and im glad were home.


Elle and Jared said...

Soooooooooooo jealous. Like, really, really jealous.

Sarah said...

fun. i wanna go.

Marley Family said...

I can see you using your tanning beds! Looks like fun! I hope Lane and I can get away some time.

Kristin said...

Love the little brown dress!

Anna said...

You guys are like, so cute together! Oh my goodness!! So happy it was a fun time in cali! hahaha
congrats on 5 years hussy! ;)

Jessica Potter said...

I am so happy you had a good time! I missssed you guys!