Wednesday, June 30, 2010

popcicle june

its been a pretty fab summer
i LIVE in my swiming suit
arden too
just downed four popcicles
ardens on her idea whats for dinner...
we walk around the lil sugarhood in the mornings
and eat weird things for lunch
like....hotdogs on kabob stix
and smoothies with broccoli hidden in them
arden is the brownest i have ever seen her
we are at her kiddy pool daily
or hittin up the publikkkk
pool where i show off my bikini bellie
all the utard moms stare :)
i have good shock value
im due in ten pretty weeks...or shall i say he is due
still crappin my pants that im getting another
for today ThIS SeCoNd
....give me popcicles.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i grew up watching this
because of my 80's sisters
and i love it

this week
i have been waddling
and having
too many
braxton hicks
made beau buy me
hostess cupcakes last night
ate them bouncing on a birthing ball
making loud breathing noises
i was up all night dreaming of
what am i gunna wear?
think i might go "native"
and just wear my birthday suit
just because...why not?
we'll see

Monday, June 21, 2010

it would be a lie if i told you how far i am into being preg-a-nent
im not 100% sure....i quit counting...
as far as i know, i have 12 weeks left maby??

i feel like a beast :)
thats the only way i can put it!
so far tho,
zero strechmarks
no more throwin up
and yes i still do cartwheels

i dont know if ive said...but
we are having a lil boy...
and i look forward to  delivery day
my plan is to go natural meaning NO DRUGS, NO IV'S NO FETAL MONITORING....NOTHING
and for me that is the best way
My hypnobabies has me prepared as much as i can be
for now today..
i love food
i love feeling him move
i love arden waking up and kissing my bellie
each morning
and, i need water every second cheetoes (these rock my world)

i know when its all over
 i will miss this pregnant thing

Friday, June 4, 2010

i need to plant sunflowers.
sunflowers are the answer to everything
and maby when they grow, everything will be ok.