Friday, November 28, 2008

ketchup on a roll

Here we are, Thanksgiving day!
This is tim and leta. tim+leta= my sexie husband. thanks folks.

the S.F.A.( beau and damon dubbed it the shaffer family association, and tagged it all over a condemed building in incom back in the day) S.FA. for life baby!!

This is not my shirt, and i look like such a "mom" here. we look like we've gone country.

This ladies, is damon. he has yet to "take a wife"

This is spence and shaunas family.they live in draper so we see them the most.

This is clobys and stephanies family. pour cooper kept rubbing his eys because of the sun

Its the day after thanksgiving. crazies all over are fighting over bread makers in wall mart. (yes i saw this happen once, it looked like your mom and my mom, only one had a black eye and the other had a bread maker for 50% off and an cazy look in her eye) im not big on black friday, but Thanksgiving i love. the night before beau and i spent a fortune on creme cheese to bake my amazing apple pecan cheesecake. we baked together and it was weird/cute/sexie!This year was the best we've had in a long time! my family from lousiana came to the little town of aberdeen and we all crammed into grandmas teeny little amazing house. my sister amber made bomb cheezy potatoes in her georgous eight months pregnant state. she even did the splits! (amazing) all the ladies gabbed on twilight and then everyone took "ugly pictures" aka the uglyest face you can possibly make and put it on film. good stuff. thats why i love my family! we are all weird and hilarious and crazy. my little bro is a georgous guy, but man he can make one ugly face. the entire day we let loose. i think we even pulled a brittney spears and put red creme soda in ardens sippy. oopsie! at least the kid ate that tho right?

The day before at beaus parents, leta (beaus mom) and i totaly bonded. we baked up a storm i tell ya!! pumpkin pies, bananna creme, and the famous cherry pie made by yours truly. im glad we did this. it was so nice, and she taught me a thing or two about pie crust. thank you leta!!

Our morning began with white shirts. back in beaus little home town we started the day with family pictures. my inlaws, the four brothers and the wives and kids gathered under the morning sun. we laughed and tried to fight the sun in our faces as we said cheese for the camera. the cutest pictures were of the kids all together.arden loves her cousins. katy and cassidy both four year olds, carry her around and play baby with her. she tried to escape after a while but was unsuccessfull. the dinner was great and the stories of childhood even better. beau and damon (his older bro) spilled the beans on "timmy" aka the made up little brother they said got locked in the basement closet his entire life. yeah, it was their way of freeking out the kids and having the tv room to themselves. kylee and cole are scarred for life because of good ole timmy.

I want to end this blog with a confession. I THINK TURKY SMELLS LIKE BUTT. i dont eat it and i never will. when i helped my mom put that raw naked fleshy bird in the oven, i wanted to barf. sereously, go see the ugly 100 year old turky at wheeler farm and you'll hate it too. so what did i eat? my classic roll dunked in ketchup meal. oh, and shitloads of pie. yes im a soda hater and i even downed a coke. (yeah it was delicious and totally worth it) godda love that "liquid satan" well well well, my party time is not near done. today its birthday shoppin, cake making time. because guess what?? my little one turns two tomorrow! happy thanksgiving,word to your mutha.


Anna said...

happy ketchup on a roll day friend! You guys look so cute in your pictures! But for real, that shirt does NOT look like something you would have!!! BUT of course you still look amazing in it.
Heart you!

Jessica Potter said...

Very cute pics! You are smokin hot and you know it!

Kerrie said...

Cute cute pics! When I saw your shirt, I thought it was cute but definitely not an Emily shirt! Cute fam! Turkey does smell like butt

Kristin said...

Dude, You are simply BEAUTIFUL!!