Saturday, November 1, 2008


So im officially heart broken. this freek is in mourning. my halloween is over. you know how people feel like crap the day after christmas? or on new years day? thats me on halloween. it is my favorite day...and damnit its over. I suppose because halloween is the one day a year when i can be my 1005% crazy self. i was going to be little red riding hood, but turns out she looked a bit i opted for princess tigerlilly. my" hangover" is vampires blood induced..and thats the best kind.So....shall i tell you about the day? spent it baking up a storm and creating disgusting foods like carnage cupcakes and guacamoldy.i decked my house out in more cobwebs....and placed fake fingers and eyeballs in everything! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFULL I COULD CRY. We took our little pink fairy princess to our sweet ward trunk or treet party....and it rained a bit...not to worry guys cuz my gay neighbor thought i looked hot as an indian. so yeah for me, good times! too bad for him my date was a warewolf. The party was pretty amazing....our friends have great taste in costumes. When scott walked in as inspector gadget he had a halo shining above his head...he is my new favorite person because of his dedication to this sacred of holidays. among our crew we had herion bob and 80s punk rocker leah, a cop girl called sue who i told to"'DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT" yeah i think that freeked her out...i got one of those looks. suzie was a super model in training but i called her amy whienhouse all night. her hubby joel broke out in beautifull "drunk" robert goulea song magnificence!! love you joel...... go tony the sasage pino! dave held his head....and i swear he looked dead guys amazing! stephanie was the cutest fairy complete with baby bee ellwood at her side.beaus mask fell off and in the end he just looked ya so turned on by guys who sleep in trashcans!! andi was a pixie and BEAUTIFULL. and yes we had a sara pailen! Ellie and her gorilla husband spilled the beans on her pregnancy(im so excited guys!! )What an eventful night. the party ended in fear factor. scott drank water from my fish bowl......and it was amazing. i think we owe him rusted sun pizza and a round of bowling for that one!!! (ALL BOBBYS FAULT DUDES CROSS MY HEART) ;) So, all in all good night. suzzy and jole were the last guests to leave, then i cleaned!! my house lookesd like a tornado hit it...i was ehaugsasted.this mourning...yes MOURNING! i pouted as i took down halloween and said goodbye to all my little weird decorations, im sad its over....... HAPPY HALLOWEEN TILL NEXT YEAR!!! R.I.P


Sarah said...

looks like so much fun! i love halloween too. i think it's a very under-appreciated holiday for sure.

p.s. i love the new pic on your blog. it's awesome and you are such a babe.

Anna said...

Em, you did such a fantastic job!! It looked amazing!
Love you friend!
AND the family pic is hot! ;)

Clint and Elle Stallings said...

It was a great night. I'm starting to get into it and I cant wait for next year. It's gonna be pretty awesome. Hey thanks again for all that you did. By the way I love I mean love the family pic. AMAZING!

Kristin said...

Hey dude! Once again It looks like I missed out on one of your rockin parties! We were trick or treating til we dropped with the dang kids. I tried to get my parents to watch them, but it was a no go. I am bummed. You sure know how to party.

Becky said...

I love the costumes. And the food looks so cool it makes me hungry. I wish we could have partied together! love ya