Thursday, November 20, 2008

a little bit of emily

Lets be honest shall we? being a S.A.H.M isnt easy ladies. nope any one that tells you it is has never experienced it for themselves. talk about time to think. im not your tipacal mommie tho. i cant stand being at home all day, i have to get out. i have to experience life and i have to be myself. yes i take pride in cooking for my man, and washing his clothes, but i also know that my life would be empty if i didnt leave room for myself. to grow as an individual and to be emily the person. not just the mom or the wife, but to be myself. so wonder where im going with this? here is how i stay sane. ATTENTION LADIES! so heres a little secret of mine, its called fighter. and its by christina agelera. lets just say i save this song for the gym. i would feel retarded listening to it in my car. its just not my kind of music. but in the gym, when i need to let out frustration, i wil sprint not jog to this. ive had girls look at me like im wonder woman when im running to this song. at the end of the song she goes "i am a fighter, i aint goin stop, there is no turning back now" yeah that part is the best. i can burn like 500 calories listening to this part. i think of anyone or anything thats got me down, i think once i even threw a punch to thee air during this part. good stuff ladies. this song makes me tick, and when im done i have crazy amazing endorphins, and i feel happy about where i am in my life :) sooooo....thanks christina.

Ok so what else? i paint. yep. its my calling in life. i paint on my bathroom floor. monday night i freekexd out and spent money i didnt have on canvas. i actually painted a picture of nurney. (see old poast)and i listened to bjork hyperballad, the best song ever for creating!!in the end i threw glitter all over it. a first for me. ive been painting for eight years and an artist for life. my art has helped me in so many ways from being heart sick, or feeling pure joy! your probably wonering why i dont poast it hu? well thats the exciting part. im creating an art blog as we speak.tonight im going to provo, and my friend rafell ( a genious graphic designer chick) is helping me. we are meeting in a studio and photographing all my art. im so excided i could burst!! thanks rafell!

next up....books. i prefer books i can relate too in my own situation. yeah i had a twilight craze, like every other utah chick!! ( and my honey suprised me with tickets for opening night- so excided!) but the books i wanna tell you about are hillarious! Risa Green wrote two amazing books that im in love with: Notes from the underbellie and Tales from the crib. you will die of laughter. any mom who has a good sense of humor will appreciate these books. i would stay up half the night laughing! after arden was asleep for her nap, i'd RUN to my book. i love them because she tells it like it is. like her mommie and me group, she calls the perfect moms momunists like (comunists) not to mention the part when the baby craps up her onzie in the grocery store and she has no diapers! yup ive been there. so yeah, these books made me happy. i think i could even read them again soon. go read them. they will for sure brighten your mom day:)

fourth, never underestimate the power of girls night out. sereously ive been doing this for a while now. and its much needed! just me and my friends, talking and laughing. last night me and some girls went to this perfect little bakery in the avenues and ate the most amazing and delicious deserts. girls night is way theraputic. our conversation was hillarious ( sara bags your amazing) i come home and im way happy and giggly. sereously girls, friends are a must. a good friend will always be there to lend a helping hand or to lift your spirits. i have amazing girlfiends and to them i owe a thanks! thanks girls, love ya!

Last but not least....we escape. arden and i go to discovery gateway a few times a week. she loves it and thats enough for me. this place is a god send! last week they had mickey and minney mouse...and arden freaked out. bolth of us meet friends, and we leave ready to crash. soooo good for her and so so good for me.

well, thats it, these are things that make me happy and things that keep me sane. a little bit of me. a little bit if Emily.


Jessica Potter said...

You are soooo awesome EM. Lets have a girls night!

Sarah said...

ha! thanks so much for sharing. last night was fun. it was so good to just laugh and have some girl time. we should do it again. i totally agree that it's essential.

i think it's awesome that you keep doing things for your self as well as your family. you are a good example to me em!

Elle and Jared said...

I'm taking notes, Emily, thanks for the insight.:) You are an awesome S.A.H.M. and I love that acronym.

Kristin said...

I love you.i love you, because you are who you are, and there aint no changing for nobody!! In fact, just the other day i was telling one of my friends about you. You are so refreshing, because you tell it like it is, you love everyone, and you are seriously so much fun to be around. Thanks for sharing some insights. Keep them coming!