Sunday, April 11, 2010

birthing my baby in a place like my head...its my special place
in hypnobabies they teach you to go to your special place when your in labor
some girls have a beach...or a cozy luxurious room...
im having my baby inside a flower


Kristin said...

Okay. What the heck!? My blog must not be updating me, because it says you haven't posted for 5 weeks. Have you done something to yours to make it so it doesn't update when you do a new post??
Can I tell you how much I love your special place!? A flower!? So perfect!
ANd you are so darling at 4 months! I need to see this lil belly in person!

Anna said...

Yes, I had the same little problem. All is not right in blog land.
I want to know how giving birth in this little pretty flower will work.

love you

Heather said...

That would be the way to do it!