Friday, October 8, 2010

its been two weeks
four days...
and i feel like emily
plus two
its amazing the feeling of being a mother
they both sleep in my bed
harrison nurses and sleeps wrapped in me all night
arden hates this a little
days are strange
is this my october?
is this my life?
things have changed
i have changed
and nomatterwhat
i am still
last night i drove fast in my car
that volvo never felt so good
and yeah...i listened to the pixies
i was on
the freeway
pushing 90
and all i could think of was
my journey as me
today i feel
ready for whatever life decides
to throw at me.


Elle and Clint Stallings said...

You look so beautiful in that photo. I loved reading everything you wrote. Your a gem. I love how much you love change. But yet your still Emily. Love you lady. Hope your smiling today xoxox

Marley Family said...

I love your pic! You look amazing. Being a Mommy is so wonderful. But it is so important that you dont loose yourself in day to day live. Always make time for yourself you will be a better Mommy if you do. Keep driving fast Emily.... never change.

samnhal said...

That picture of you is fantastic, and beautiful. I love it. Isn't it funny how when something changes like that, and even though it wasn't there before it kind of feels like it was there all along.

Kristin said...

You are striking in that pic.
I can so relate with that writing...

Heather said...

That is an amazing picture of you! You are so beautiful!! I love how you put things on your blog! You are so poetic!