Tuesday, October 5, 2010

 a timeline of events
five days that changed me forever

14 hours into labor at the birth center
getting into the tub...

slow breaths
mysery sets in, the hard part... i will never forget this wall
holding my mothers hand
after the transfer at the hospital 26 hours into labor
the first picture of my son
me all puffy like (felt huge) 
arden meets harrison
the beautiful face taken from my hospital bed

 the last picture taken..
me and my reward right before
we took him home to stay 
september 24th 2010


samnhal said...

He's so cute. I Adore the name Harrison. You come up with the best baby names. Love it. I love the picture of arden with him and you. SO stinking cute.

Elle and Jared said...
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Anna said...

You are a beauty. And so is lil Harrison