Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well well i am. cant spell. wont capitalize (i refuse to) and on a compurer blogging? sereously, who gave me a computer? dislexic and a resource rebel to name a few. life is good and im happy. i found myself telling beau how happy i am just the other day. this is amazing considering the many times i bawled him out going "i dont know what i want to do with my life" or "feel sorry for me because all can do is be a starving artist" SEREOUSLY LAME. when arden came she changed me. i became a completeley new person. im responsible??? yes, i am. and i give orders. its like when your a mom, you have too, IM DOMESTIC AND I LIKE IT. growing up i was made to beleve your nothing if you dont work. a stay at home mom was at the bottom of the food chain. for so long i fought this idea of marrage and kids and wiping asses all day long. well, turns out that was my calling here on earth. i spend my days with arden betty and nothing,no job no ammount of money could make me happier then she makes me each day. and guess what changing diapers is cool. cooking dinner is fun. im going to do it naked more often. BEAU SHAFFER IS MY ROCK. without him i would be in a hundai accent with armpit hair and a paintbrush in my hand.

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