Tuesday, September 23, 2008


  1. my babies

    Arden screamed bloody murder when he reved it up!!

    She kept kissing him and smiling at him!!

    my husband the biker dude?

    So that whats up................beau became obsesses with motorcycles i dont even know when!! all he talked about this summer (EXCEPT THE HOUSE) was bikes. and im going" thats way gay babe. who are you??" and hes like"no its cool" well this past week his drooling turned into a bit of a reality!! He went and picked out one!! arden and i went along to look at it...and its funny cuz the guy selling it had the same look going as beau. short buzzed hair,beird,and tats. three months ago beau was clean shaven and had a flowhawk!!! slowly he just morphed..........and to tell you the truth...new biker beau turns me on. i feel like were 18 and we can just.....ride off into the sunset and get into trouble. like my dads gunna hate him and ground me!!! like were katy on tommy from that old country song SHES IN LOVE WITH A BOY. i know im retarded....but thats how it feels.....to date...ur...um.....be married to a bad ass. you should have seen the smile on his face when he drove this thing home friday night!! PURE JOY!!! its like christmas morning every day at the shaffer house. Now any errand...redbox,cerial craving , diapers.....beaus on it in a second so he can take out his new best friend. He hasent named it yet. im crossin my fingers for miss emily or something cheezy lame like that. anyway, its official beaus a biker. i guess i need to get some leather and bleech my hair.


Stephanie Allen said...

Maybe he should go as a full blown out biker dude for Halloween.. leather and all... I think it would be great!

The Dahlke Family said...

You got sucked in too! I'm sorry... Yah, if the guys do en up going we should get together. I'm not sure about this weekend... Kevin told me last night that he might have to work. I'm sure he'll talk to Beau about it.

Jessica Potter said...

You soooo need some leather chaps and a halter top. If you don't get one immediately your husband's bad ass level is going to plumet.

Shai Brown said...

Hi Emily -
I found you on Amy's Blog. You guys look so great! Arden is so cute and getting so big. I love that you had a fairy B-Day Party!!! Does it surprise me....NO! I LOVE IT! Love - Shai

Kristin said...

HA hA!!! I have to admit there is something about a guy on a bike that is so sexy! My and Shawn's first date he took me up in the mountains on his Harley.....I was a goner. Just make sure he wears a helmet. Shawn's BF got in an accident leaving our house 2 years ago.

Clint and Elle Stallings said...

hey i checked out your friend's blog Anna.. she is gorgeous. Clint wants to set her up.

Stephanie Allen said...

Hey I had to go private on my blog because of a creepy weirdo... so please text me your email so I can send you an invitation. Or you can email me at: