Thursday, September 4, 2008

This night was amazing!! my dear friend laura decided to get married and told all but three people. Anne and i went with her for her endowment and it was the best experience. i freeking love these girls. we all met in california at the sea cliff singles ward. anne was friends with beau and gave him my number!! i sereously owe her the world for reuniting beau and i. Laura is on of the most unique people you will ever meet. sereousley she eloped!! she has a cat called megan regret and once had a ring with a boyfriend that said laura+JASON +GARY COLEMAN engraved on it. she is crazy and that is why i love her. most girls look at me like im a total weener when im myself. not laura.we send eachother letters in the mail and tape weird things on them. laura sent me sand and i sent her anthrax a.k.a flour. good stuff. somewhere in my million junk drawers i have a pretty crayon drawing of a dead swallow by laura. its the most priceless piece of art i own. i need to tape it on my wall and i think i will.

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Stephanie Allen said... is my blog. You can add it to your page if you want. Glad to see you finally got one of these.