Friday, September 5, 2008

This night we went to a moon lit beach and made out. I love my husband so much!! We had to hide from the renta cop kicking people off the beach.
A word on getting away. so your married. you see eachother poop. you argue over finances. lets face it dudes the day in day out can wear on you and your marriage. That is why i strongly suggest getting away. Leave the kids, drop everything and just go!! Consider it an investment to your marriage. People say "Its so expensive, we just cant afford it" i say ; stop saying that!! how can you afford not to? your kids deserve parents that are in love!! When all you do is kids, kids, kids, diapers, grocerys, meatloaf, work,fix the car,fix the thing, life gets mundane!!! It gets boring and then you start to pick at eachother for stupid things because your not living!!! You are instead going through the motions. pee poop sleep eat. yourself a favor and get away from reality. I fell in love with beau all over again during this short and cheep trip to our very own version of paradise.
eating gelato in a perfect little alley.

we found a car covered in computer keys!! do u love it or what!!?

we had our first kiss on this beach.

i want to be a mermaid. its getting out of hand how much i want this. can damn urcela just give me a tail and take my voice!! im done with this land crap.

this was our four year wedding anniversary. we spent it on the beach that we fell in love at five years ago.

my husband is beautifull. thats right i said beautifull. that is the only way to describe him. hes a 10!!just looking at him gets me going.

this is my red suitcase. she goes everywhere i go. i refuse to purchase new lame luggage. vintage is the only way for this girl.

our first ride on an air plane together


Clint and Elle Stallings said...

YOu guys are so cute! i loved reading your blog. cute cute

Anna said...

You and Beau are fabulous! love you guys!