Saturday, February 28, 2009

eMily eleiZaBETH sOmEoNe. tHiS iS tHe nEw nAme oF mY bLoG. ThIS Is MY cOnFUsIoN. Im EmILy Yes.....eLiZaBeTh fOr SUre. FoRmERlY wILcOX mArRiEd To A ShAFfER BuT nEvEr ChAnGED mY nAmE. So NoW iM sTUcK. WhO am I??? tHis iS tHe qUeStIoN?? CaN SoMeOnE pLeASe hElP Me? I NoW dEClArE My SeLf EMilY elIzAbEtH sOmEOnE. ThiS is mY nAmE No qUeSTIoNs aSkED.

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Heather Perry said...

I love your style in your paintings. They all have the same artwork. They are amazing.